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Burnout Revenge demo on XBLM

I finally got my Xbox 360 back (details on that here)… just in time for the Burnout Revenge demo to be released! It’s 546MB, so get downloading!

I also noticed that the 5% glitch with downloads is now solved. Did anyone else notice before that when you would start a download it would immediately say it was 5% complete when you knew it was in fact not? It was a little thing that drove me crazy, but it appears to be fixed!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 demo on XBLM

A demo on EA’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 is now available for download from the Xbox Live Marketplace. I’m hoping releasing a demo for a game nearly 5 months after its release is only a trend for launch titles, and not upcoming Xbox 360 games. Regardless, it comes in at a whopping 890mb, so free up some space and get going.

Source: Major Nelson

Is the March system update killing consoles?

Remember that inconspicuous autoupate that rolled out earlier this month which no one really knows what it did? And remember how yesterday my Xbox 360 broke… for a second time? It appears the two occurances may not be very unrelated. In whats still very much speculation with no hard proof, many are claiming that it’s the autoupdate that is killing consoles.

The number of people claiming similar symptoms since the update in this Xbox.com forum thread is staggering. The situtuation is best exemplified by HarleyGuy’s story:

I purchased a 360 on release day, and have been playing it constantly since then.. I have never had a single freeze up or issue with my system at all.

Yesterday I log on and am greeting with a message that there is a mandatory update for Live. I let it go through the process of updating, and once the system reboots, it immediately freezes. I tried rebooted and got the dreaded Red Ring of Death.

Since my console froze and broke yesterday (with the “Red Ring of Death”), it’s magically working again today. It has now frozen again TWICE. Luckily there’s no more red lights–a simply reboot fixes it. Could it be because of the autoupdate? Or is it still stictly a hardware problem? I will tell you my console and power supply couldn’t be better ventilated.

In what could also be related, Xbox-Scene is reporting that some pesky foil could be the cause of overheating in many Xbox 360s. There is a protective foil on the GPU heatsink meant to be removed before installation that’s simply not being removed. It could stop the heatsink from doing its job by creating a heat barrier between it and the GPU.

No matter what the cause, it’s clear that there are still some very serious bugs that need to be worked out, whether in the hardware or software.

Best Buy and Dodge sponsored GRAW tourney

GRAW competition is already on the way with the announcment of a major online tournement sponsored by Best Buy and Dodge. Up for grabs is a 2007 Dodge Calibur and lots of cash!

It’s a two-vs-two team based tournement, so get working on your recon teamwork. The final game will be held live at the 2006 E3 Expo in LA. If I’m not playing, I’ll definitely be there to report on the action!

Registration begins March 19th so you’ve got some time to practice and find a teammate. More information is available here at Xbox.com.

Ridge Racer 6 demo on XBLM

A demo for Namco’s Ridge Racer 6 is now up for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace. This is one launch title that got greatly over shadowed by the consoles other racing games (PGR3 and NFSMW), and I almost completely forgot it exists. If you’re like me and know practically nothing about the game, it’s worth checking out. It’s a pretty big download at 608 MB, so get going!

My Xbox 360 broke…again. [Updated]

Not even two months ago I was unfortunate enough to have my Xbox 360 break. I went about a week without the console. All has been good since then, until the day I get Ghost Recon, the only game I’ve really been looking forward to since launch.

I was able to get a good 6 hours in before the console froze while I was playing split-screen co-op. As I got up to reset the 360, I jokingly said, “the console better not be broken…” Well, I had to jinx it. I was greeted with a “contact microsoft” screen and a dreaded red light. Nothing I tried would heal the console.

It will be 7 to 10 days before I have a working console back. Un-frickin-believable. I’m getting a free game out of this at least (Kameo), and hopefully another free hard drive ;) The customer service rep I talked to was just too nice to get pissed off at.

I feel I do a lot promoting the Xbox 360 and singing it’s praises… but can I really do that when I’ve had two hardware failures in the past two months? Is it just a fluke, or are more people going through this angst than Microsoft leads us to believe? I really do love the console… when it’s working. I would feel horrible if I influenced someone to get one and then have them go through this.

On the bright side, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is amazing. It’s seriously the first killer app for Xbox 360. It’s not going to be everyones cup of tea (it’s very tactical/realistic), but it begins to show what the console is capable of. Can you even imagine what games will be like near the end of the consoles lifespan?

Update: I just tried it out again after I had everything disconnected for a few hours and it worked. I think I’m going to go ahead and send it in on Monday anyway. Even if I was playing the hell out of it today, like kyprentsel’s comment, I should be able to run it all day without a problem. I’m just glad this happened now instead of out of warranty. If it doesn’t crap out on me this weekend, I can stand not living with it next week when I go back to school. Hopefully I’ll have it back for the weekend after! I’m just crossing my fingers that I finally get a console with no problems…long term or short.

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